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Zynga launches new Facebook games

zynga facebook gameSocial gaming services provider Zynga is set to unveil its new real-money gambling games today at an event in Barcelona, Spain.

According to, the launch is the latest move from Zynga as part of its strategic growth strategy to expand into social networking website Facebook and the mobile gaming games market.

Sean Ryan, head of game partnerships at Facebook, will launch the new Facebook titles for Zynga at today’s event.

The games include ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino; gambling versions of Zynga’s social games produced in partnership with British real-money online gambling company Both games will be launched in the UK market where real-money online gaming is legal.

Online and downloadable versions of the games were made available in April this year but it is not clear yet when Facebook and mobile versions will be released.

The new apps are the first stage of the strategy Zynga began in October of 2012 when it hired real-money gambling executive Maytal Olsha.