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Women are more likely to play mobile casual gaming than men

women mobile gameAccording to a study by market research company Mintel, women are more likely to partake in casual gaming on a mobile device than men.

The study claims that 27% of women said they play mobile casual games, compared to 24% of men.

Games such as Candy Crush Saga, the world’s most popular app game, have helped contribute to the ongoing rise in mobile gaming.

While women are proving to be the heavier users of mobile games, 13% of men say they are hardcore gamers in comparison to just 6% of women.

In addition, 24% of men admitted to moderate use of games, while just 15% of women classed themselves as regular gamers.

Dr Richard Graham of London's Nightingale Hospital said the ease of access to mobile gaming is contributing to the increase.

He added: “We're seeing a more casual, a sort of embedded use of games on mobile devices… whenever there's a spare moment someone might start playing a particular game.

“Most addiction patterns are related to access. And I think understanding that smaller, intelligent, connected devices are increasing access to all sorts of platforms and games does increase the possibility of addiction.

“Certainly, these games release chemicals within our brains that give us a sense of reward, of satisfaction and often sort of a buzz of excitement.

“But the problem remains that when you switch off, you're depleted, downgraded and feel that you need to go back to do it again to get that same feeling of wellbeing.”