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Tradologic signed a partnership agreement with KMi Gaming

Binary options trading platform provider Tradologic has appointed international gaming and betting consultancy KMi Gaming to help maximise its industry presence in the UK, Ireland and wider European region.

KMi Gaming will offer advice on international expansion, planning and budgeting, licence applications and regulatory reviews, live sportsbetting streaming, pari-mutual, lottery and mobile products and platforms.

In addition, the consultancy firm will also help review options for payment solutions and product suppliers, as well as marketing and sponsorship activities.

“Our many financial partners demonstrate the appeal of Tradologic and we have identified a significant, untapped demand in the more traditional sports betting and gaming space,” Tradologic’s head of business development, Ofri Noier, said.

Keith McDonnell, KMi Gaming’s chief executive officer, added: “We often talk about the ‘next big thing’ in iGaming but the smart operators will already be looking at enhancing their offering with binary options trading.

“With healthy conversions to and from sports and casino, it is far from just a financials product.

“Furthermore, binary option trading also provides an easy-to-understand introduction to foreign exchange and stock markets. Tradologic is undoubtedly the standout supplier in this field.”