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TradeFight is launched, offering three games

TradeFight, which claims to be the first social gambling platform to offer players the chance to challenge each other and bet on real financial data, has gone live.

The platform will offer three games based on live feeds from the financial markets.

The Trade Fight game allows players to challenge each other in a head-to-head contest, with players given five minutes to trade in a live market with $1,000 in virtual cash. The winner is the player left with the highest sum at the end of the contest.

Speed Trade is based on market movements in the next 30 seconds, allowing players to start with a wager as small as 50 cents.

In addition, The Predictor, which is due to launch soon, is a three-reel, three-line slot with a progressive jackpot.

TradeFight said that by removing the random number generator used by many online gambling operators, it aims to provide 100% security and removes all risk of manipulation in its games by using real-world live financial market data.

“The platform is one of a kind, creating a desire for something different from the usual gaming offerings and also creating simple and fun games based on the financial markets, furthering its unique offering,” TradeFight’s chief operating officer, Afshin Ertanin, said.