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Toy-game combination launched by Zynga and Hasbro

hasbro zyngaSocial game firm Zynga and toy company Hasbro have unveiled the latest instalment of a partnership that combines toys and social gaming. reports Hasbro is working on a CityVille Invasion line of Kre-O block-building toys while Zynga has launched a Kre-O CityVille Invasion app.

The idea behind the initiative is for gamers to build and defend their own cities in the app, while they can bring the game to live by constructing buildings using Kre-O – a rival to Lego. The Zynga-Hasbro toys will be available from August 1.

The combination is another in a series of toy-game hybrids that have become popular including Activision Blizzard’s Skylanders franchises.

Last year, Hasbro also launched a series of Zynga-themed board games, including Monopoly, Draw Something and CityVille.