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Three casinos in Delaware casinos open free gaming web portals

casino delawareDelaware’s three casinos have launched the first phase of the US state’s online gaming operation by opening web portals for free poker, blackjack, slots and roulette games.

According to the USA Today newspaper, the no-money games are being offered in advance of the full real-money online gambling service that is scheduled to launch at the end of October.

Visitors to each casino’s homepage are being directed to the Facebook-linked game platform DoubleDown Casino, which is run by slot machine company IGT.

The free games will be open to players across the world, but the real-money games will only be available to players within Delaware. Free games will also remain available when the real games are launched in October.

“This first phase will allow us to really get the players acclimated to the virtual world in a legalised environment,” said Tom Cook, Delaware’s secretary of finance.

Cook also confirmed that development of other facets of Delaware’s gambling operation will continue. Mobile access to games is expected to be available in 2014, while Cook is also hoping to sign an interstate compact with Nevada early next year to allow online poker players in both states to sit at the same virtual tables.