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The UK Liberal Democrats party for bookmakers’ increase limiting

bookmaker ukUK political party, the Liberal Democrats, have backed a call to hand regional councils the power to limit the number of betting shops that can be opened within their local area.

According to the UK public-service broadcaster the BBC, the party, which is the minority member of the coalition government, voted to curb the increase of bookmakers.

The report said that Don Foster, local government minister, proposed the motion and will now be able to push for it to become law.

The amended motion would allow councils to specify the number of betting shops that would be allowed to open in a certain area.

Foster said that fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) had played a major part in the increase of betting shops and turned them into “mini-casinos” on UK high streets.

He suggested that there is a link between a large presence of betting shops in an area and rates of crime and anti-social disorder. Foster said that such establishments should be re-categorised in the planning system to make it easier for councils to reject new shops.

Last year, the Association of British Bookmakers described gambling as a “mainstream leisure activity” and insisted that betting shops should be treated like all retail outlets.