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Push Technology assists Offsidegaming in its betting expansion

Sportsbetting provider Offsidegaming has selected data distribution specialist Push Technology to assist with the expansion of its in-play betting service.

Under the agreement, Push will provide its Diffusion scalable and real-time data distribution solution for Offsidegaming's in-play betting odds platform, which currently runs alongside more than 4,500 live events per month.

Customers that bet online will receive more accurate live data during live sports events, regardless of their geographic location, device they are using or network bandwidth size.

The move to Push Technology is part of a strategy Offsidegaming is implementing to ensure its gaming platform grows dynamically with user demand.

“Diffusion is the dynamic solution we need as we are planning to significantly scale our offering over the next 12 months,” Offsidegaming chief technology officer Matthew Colledge said.

“It will integrate seamlessly with our sportsbook platform and power our B2B services to deliver exciting new opportunities to our partners and customers.”

Sean Bowen, chief executive officer of Push Technology, added: “Betting customers increasingly need and expect real-time prices to enable features like in-play betting and live sports statistics, without any degradation to the site performance.

“Our solution will help Offsidegaming and its partners to provide live information to hundreds of thousands of customers at near-zero latency – key to staying competitive in this fast moving market.”