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Significant growth in gaming 2013 revenue for China

China has recorded a significant increase in gaming revenue for 2013, with the national gaming market having generated more than $13 billion (€9.5 billion) in the past year.

According to the website, the 2013 figure is significantly higher than the $9.8 billion posted in 2012 and quadruple the $3 billion generated in 2008.

Despite the growth of mobile gaming in Asia, client-based PC games proved to be the main source of revenue in the country and were responsible for $8.7 billion of all Chinese gaming revenue.

Mobile gaming was only able to produce around $1.8 billion in revenue, but this was still higher than analyst predictions of $1.2 billion.

Elsewhere, browser games generated $2 billion, while social gaming was responsible for $1 billion in revenue.

Console gaming, which does not have an official presence in the country due to government sanctions, was only able to generate $15 million.

In addition, games developed in China made up $7.8 billion of the total revenue last year, an increase of 29.5% from $6 billion in 2012.

Although domestically developed games are not in line with the industry’s overall growth of 38%, the increase does show that Chinese gamers are not abandoning local developers for international titles.