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New premium services on Global Gaming Network’s

Global Gaming Network, a developer, distributor and aggregator of digital entertainment and sports information for online and mobile platforms, has announced its sports information service will offer subscribers for the first time a premium service that provides various team scores and player stats.

The service will offer information for all NHL, NFL, NBA and MBL teams.

Information will be sent to subscribers via an SMS text message or email.

“We have had numerous requests over the years from subscribers to add player statistics to our 'alerts' service,” Global Gaming Network’s president, Stephen Kern, said.

“With the introduction of this new service, we will be complying with the requests of a multitude of our subscribers, as well as adding a significant revenue producer from the sale of this item.

“Still the most popular independent provider of sports information via SMS in North America, this new service should grow our subscriber base, now well over 100,000, at an increased rate over prior years' results.”