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Rekoo opens Tech City in the UK

Social games developer and operator Rekoo is to become the first major Chinese company to open an office in the UK's London-based technology cluster, Tech City.

The website said that the Beijing-based firm, which employs more than 500 staff throughout Asia, will establish a development team in Tech City.

Although it will recruit London-based staff for the office, it only plans to hire 10 employees in the English capital. This number is expected to rise to 25 within three years.

The firm said that the London office would act as its European headquarters and would be used to market its games to consumers across the continent.

Rekoo has firmly established itself in the social gaming market with 20 million daily gamers on personal computers and 10 million on smartphones. The company’s Find Something game is also said to have been played by 100 million gamers.

Lisa Pan, Reeko’s vice-president, said that the new office would help to “bridge the gap” between the European and Chinese mobile gaming markets.

“Companies in the UK produce very high quality games, and being in London means we can attract world-class talent and find new business opportunities with UK and European developers,” Pan said.

Reeko’s announcement comes in the wake of a visit to china by UK chancellor George Osborne and Major of London Boris Johnson, who had been trying to attract Chinese investment in order to help increase bilateral trade.