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ISGA’s set of best practice principles and research for the gaming industry unveiled

The International Social Games Association (ISGA) global industry body for social games has launched a set of best practice principles for the industry and has commissioned new research into the evolution, use and impact of social games.

The ISGA said it has taken these steps in order to ensure the industry has access to best practice principles that are premised upon consumer protection, accountability and transparency, while the detailed study will allow an insight into what is still a relatively new form of gaming.

The principles cover five areas, ensuring that games and their providers adhere to necessary laws and regulations, are transparent in their functionality, treat purchases and payments responsibly, manage player privacy appropriately, and use appropriate advertising models.

“The launch of our best practice principles reflects our industry’s need to ensure games are developed and operated in a responsible way at a time when the way people play and pay for games is changing,” ISGA chief executive officer Luc Delaney said.

Meanwhile, the research will analyse social games from a business and consumer perspective, offering an understanding of their place in the digital economy and further knowledge on the sector for the public, players, regulators and policymakers.

The ISGA has commissioned independent researcher Harvest Strategy, led by Dr Rohan Miller, to understand how social games are changing the ways consumers play and pay for games.

Miller and his team will report the results of the study in early 2014.

“Social games have very quickly reached hundreds of millions of people around the world,” Miller said. “Their rapid rise has drawn attention and questions from regulators, parents and players alike, we look forward to exploring these questions and answers to them in the coming months.”