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PlayPhone signed a partnership agreement with Vivo

payphoneMobile entertainment content provider PlayPhone has entered into a partnership with Vivo, part of the Telefonica Group telecommunications company, to bring its PlayPhone Games social game store and global gaming network to Vivo customers in Brazil.

PlayPhone Games will allow Vivo customers to download and play a range of the games with players around the world via a single app.

The firm said PlayPhone Games is the first aggregated mobile games store for Vivo customers that offers secure direct carrier billing and provides players with a social set of gaming features.

PlayPhone Games is personalised to each player’s gaming habits, friend network and games their friends are playing.

PlayPhone said that the addition of Vivo to its partner list would increase its reach to more than 870 million mobile customers worldwide. 

“PlayPhone’s vision for building the world’s largest mobile social gaming network is rapidly materialising as we continue to bring more global carriers into the fold,” PlayPhone’s chief marketing officer, Anders Evju, said.

“We are excited to deliver our advanced mobile gaming portal to Vivo’s 70 million customers throughout Brazil, providing them with the next generation of mobile social gaming.”

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