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Playnomics launches a new offering within PlayRM

Predictive marketing and gaming data science provider Playnomics has launched Churn Predictor, a new feature within its predictive data segmentation engine, PlayRM.

The new offering will allow app developers to estimate the likelihood of a user leaving a game and how long they will keep playing.

The Churn Predictor displays a predictive score on the PlayRM dashboard for every player’s likelihood of leaving a game, as well as the average remaining days an individual is expected to play. This will enable developers to engage and extend the player lifecycle, while also reducing churn.

The new feature is immediately available at no extra cost to all online, social and mobile game developers leveraging PlayRM to manage player marketing initiatives.

“Data and segmentation are changing the free-to-play gaming market, yet many developers aren't leveraging data to understand and engage their players most effectively,” Chethan Ramachandran, chief executive officer of Playnomics, said.

“This is why we provide our analytics suite for free; our aim is to democratise the access to the information and focus on taking action.

“By uncovering predictive churn for mobile games, our data science team is leading the industry to enable developers to maximise player engagement and lifetime value.”