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Creation of Pixelmatic by Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and Relic’s former employees

pixelmaticFormer employees of Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and Relic have launched Pixelmatic, a new social mobile game start-up that will focus on creating “true social games” to help “push the boundaries” of the social gaming market.

Having been founded in 2011, the new company has been operational from June 2012 after closing a seed funding round.

Pixelmatic operations now comprise a Canadian management team, a primary development centre in Shanghai and a small support team based in Vancouver.

The start-up boasts a host of experience in its team, ranging from various AAA franchises to top-ranked social games.

“True social games are games that can enhance existing relationships as well as encouraging new connections,” Pixelmatic’s owner and chief executive officer, Samson Mow, said.

“While games are an ideal medium to facilitate connections with new people, most mobile games don’t encourage that type of social interaction – it’s something we want to change.”

Cong Ly, Pixelmatic’s chief technology officer, added: “We've spent the better part of a year building up our technology and developing our first title, and now we’re ready to really begin the work of advancing social games.

“There’s a huge opportunity on the horizon with the explosive growth of messaging apps, and we believe we’re in a unique position to take advantage of it.”

Pixelmatic’s first title will be published by 6waves and initially launch in Japan on both iOS and Android devices. The company did not disclose a launch date.