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Paddy Power and its Pistorius Campaign create a buzz

Paddy poweriGaming Business’s latest product Social Monitor analysed Paddy Power’s social media buzz and sentiment following its controversial ‘Oscar Pistorius Money back if he walks’ promotion and found that the bookmaker’s advert got almost 74,000 online mentions predominately on Twitter, with 42% of the mentions deemed negative and just 4% of them positive.

Social media strategist Joakim Nilsson at is producing the content in partnership with Social Monitor, he commented on the Paddy Power campaign:

“It’s in the DNA of Paddy’s marketing strategy to be thought-provoking. Whether this had a negative impact on their business only Paddy can answer. What is clear though is that today’s consumers are increasingly vocal online, that’s not a trend that’s disappearing anytime soon and smart brands will use it to their advantage.”