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online poker : New service launched at Stake Me to Play

stake  me to playNew UK-based poker staking company Stake Me to Play has launched a new service that provides a guaranteed monthly income to the players it stakes and claims to offer the greatest profit split in the staking industry.

Catering to poker players of all abilities, players staked by the firm will receive access to regular coaching and advice at the Stake Me to Play headquarters in Essex. This will include both one-to-one training and group seminar sessions.

Players will also be able to take advantage of other facilities at the site to watch live sporting events or access the internet to play online poker.

In addition, a number of incentives are also on offer to players that put in high volume, including the chance to win holidays to Las Vegas.

Operations director Paul Conroy-Frost said: “We are building a community with regular socials and are giving our guys all the support and motivation they need to be as profitable as they can be.”