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New slot release at World Match

World matchOnly a few days after releasing its Crime Records game, online gaming software developer World Match Limited has further added to its portfolio of high-definition multi-line slots with the premiere of its Fantasy Island title.

Malta-based World Match released its Space Monsters, Insect World and Fire Rescue slots last month while April saw it premiere three titles in the B-Boys Street and Farm Adventures titles alongside the Golden Flash table game.

World Match stated that Fantasy Island is being made available in several versions featuring differing payout levels ‘to satisfy any target and to finalise the objectives of the operators’.

“Evil dwarfs and wicked elves but also sweet winged fairies, funny gnomes and brave knights inhabit the enchanted forest of the Fantasy Island; a truly magic place where anything can happen,” read a statement from World Match.

“The dreamy and fairy atmosphere of Fantasy Island, designed in native high-definition graphics and 16:9 aspect ratio, will capture everyone's imagination and its huge prizes will win over any player.”

World Match declared that Fantasy Island comes complete with its ‘controls toolbar’ to make it the ‘user-friendliest slot’ by providing more information in addition to free spins, wilds, auto-play, fast-play and spin stop.