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New mobile app premiered at Novomatic

novomatic mobileIntegrated global gaming firm Novomatic has launched a new mobile business-to-business app for iOS-powered devices that provides partners with comprehensive descriptions of its games along with related information such as categories and pay tables.

Novomatic is the parent firm for Astra Games Limited, Admiral Casinos and Entertainment AG and Austrian Gaming Industries among others and revealed that the free app is presented as a direct support tool and also demonstrates how its games function.

“Moreover, the app offers the possibility to read and download on demand the latest Novomatic news and the award-winning industry magazine Novomatic: The World of Gaming,” read a statement from Novomatic.

The Austrian firm stated that the app has been designed to give clients the opportunity to familiarise themselves with its latest game offerings so that guests are provided with ‘the best possible customised service’.

“Through a comprehensive game detail overview the customers have the chance to find out how the games function and into which player category they fit,” read the statement from Novomatic.

“Apart from this, the user can also search quickly and easily for games by using the search function and retrieve the desired information rapidly.”

Novomatic said that it is currently in the process of developing a version of the new app for Android-powered devices and expects to premiere this service later in the month.