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New jackpot released by the Massachusetts State Lottery

lotteryThe Massachusetts State Lottery is set to premiere a new Jackpot Poker poker-themed keno-style monitor game on Monday offering players nine ways to win prizes of up to $25,000.

Replacing the Massachusetts State Lottery’s horseracing-themed monitor-based Daily Race Game and set to launch on June 17 at more than 1,200 retailers across the eastern American state, Jackpot Poker will also feature a progressive jackpot offering players a shot at a cash prize worth at least $100,000.

Jackpot Poker requires ‘no card-playing skills’ with players simply required to select five numbers between one and 52 along with the amount they wish to wager per game and the number of draws with each costing a dollar.

“In each drawing, a computer randomly chooses the order of all 52 cards and displays them on the monitor screen,” read a statement from the Massachusetts State Lottery.

“A player’s Jackpot Poker ‘hand’ consists of the five cards on the screen that correspond with the five numbers on their printed bet ticket and the prize is based on the best ‘poker hand’ that can be made with those cards. A new game of Jackpot Poker will start approximately every four minutes alternating with keno drawings showing on a separate monitor.”

Players that draw five numbers corresponding with the cards comprising a Royal Straight Flush will win the game’s $25,000 top prize while other cash rewards will be available ranging from $2 up to $2,000.

“Jackpot Poker players will also be able to raise the stakes with the game’s progressive jackpot option for a chance to win a jackpot prize that grows with each progressive jackpot wager made,” read the statement from the Massachusetts State Lottery.

“To get in on the progressive jackpot, the value of which is prominently displayed at the bottom of each game monitor, players must first play Jackpot Poker. The progressive jackpot option costs an additional one dollar per draw to play. If a player chooses the progressive jackpot option and wins Jackpot Poker with a Royal Straight Flush, he or she wins the progressive jackpot. The minimum prize amount a player could win with the progressive jackpot option is $100,000.”