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New TV ad for Betfred

UK bookmaker Betfred is to launch a new television advertising campaign as part of a £10m ($15.5m/€11.8m) marketing drive.

The campaign has been designed to “celebrate the fun and friendly nature” of the Betfred brand and will revolve around the concept of “personal carnival” as customers are treated to their own “special celebration” each time they engage with Betfred through one of its various products.

The advert, which was created by marketing and advertising agency BJL, will be shown by pay-television broadcasters BSkyB and BT Sport from this weekend and will see the first usage of Betfred’s new strap line ‘You’ll love a bit of Betfred’, as the brand moves to focus on the fun and enjoyment aspects of the betting experience.

Chris Sheffield, managing director of online gaming at Betfred, said: “Betfred is all about the customer experience and the enjoyment of being able to get involved in the action regardless of the result. The personal carnival concept from BJL conveys that perfectly, emphasising the welcoming, inclusive personality of the brand and the importance of the overall experience to our customers."