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New director at Lottomatica

Giulio Astarita has been appointed as the new interactive poker director of Italian lottery and gaming company Lottomatica.

Astarita, who left his role as operations and poker room manager at online poker company PokerStars three months ago, announced his appointment on social networking website Facebook.

“Lottomatica, as many of you have always said, is a room with huge potential,” he said. “Now we will figure out what this potential is and how far we can get.

“It’s obvious that we can’t think of having 60% of the market, but I have so many ideas in my head, and I am positive they will bring good results that will prove to be satisfactory for everyone.”

Astarita acknowledged that there are “very urgent problems to be solved regarding the stability of the poker room,” but also called for patience.

“I have only one request: give us time and trust,” he said.

“We need the time to fix what is wrong and improve things, and it is in our interest to do that as quickly as possible.

“We need trust because gradually we will change lots of things and I hope that you will be there to try and give us your feedback. I'll be here to listen because I really want to win this challenge.”