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New casino-sports-poker management system launched by Olympian Group

Online gaming management solutions provider Olympian Group has launched its new casino-sports-poker management system, Betsystems.

Described by Olympian Group as the ‘App Store of online casino management’, Betsystems offers the latest online casino management technology including 'smooth and simple' payment methods, integrated on-demand features, development support and powerful marketing features.

“We wanted a platform that was powerful, intuitive, well thought-out, technologically innovative and able to seamlessly support the operations and marketing of multiple brands” said Peter Karroll, Marketing Guru at IAM Corp, the marketing arm of Olympian Group.

“We wanted something that would allow us to do all things we wanted to, rather than limiting us to do only what the system supported.

“In 2012 we embarked on a search for the top platform on the planet and one stood out far above the rest. We needed a casino platform where we could invite the best software brands to join the party, where our clients, the gaming brands, could enjoy a cost effective easy to use casino management system with multiple modules all with unparalleled advancements.”

Olympian Group described Betsystems as being 'the most cost-effective operating solution on the market' adding that most operators would 'save money' by switching to Betsystems from their existing platform.

“After years of searching, Olympian finally found what we believe is the holy grail of online gaming platforms,” Karroll added, “Betsystems ensures that you’re only limited by your vision, not by the shackles of your platform provider.”