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Nakowa, the happy Bitcoin winner

bitcoinAn online gambler has recorded the biggest ever Bitcoin win in the history of the online currency by winning 11,000 Bitcoins (£1.4 million/€1 million) in a single weekend of gambling.

According to, the man, known online as Nakowa, secured the record win on Europe-based online casino The service offers a set of dice games for the chance to win Bitcoins.

Nakowa’s weekend of gambling began badly, with his losing streak helping the site record its highest ever single profit of $806,604.

Despite the loss, Nakowa continued to play on and managed to erase any profit had recorded – instead pushing it into a debt of $264,000 by Monday morning.

The debt accounts for approximately 3.5% of the website’s total savings, which amount to $5.5 million

The record win comes shortly after Nakowa also recorded a 3,000 Bitcoin win on the website in July of this year.