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‘Mobile revolution’ for Facebook

Social networking website Facebook is ready to embrace a “mobile revolution” in order to help publishers take advantage of a mobile gaming industry that is expected to be worth $12 billion (€9.23 billion) next year.

Simon Whitcombe, games lead at Facebook, said that Facebook’s main objective would be to help publishers to sell more games, as the social network offers a direct opportunity for console, PC and mobile games publishers to connect with their fans.

“The two areas of our business that are going through phenomenal growth are the mobile side of our business and the console side of our business,” he said. “We’re going through a mobile revolution right now.”

Whitcombe also said one out of every five minutes on a mobile device is either spent on Facebook or Instagram and, for the other four minutes they are often distracted by mobile games.

He added: “Mobile gaming has become a big deal very quickly. It took the video games business 10 years or more to get to that kind of size.”

Whitcombe also said that games are “absolutely dominating” the apps sector, and that most of the revenue will continue to be generated via free-to-play games paired with in-game transaction models.