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Mirrorball Slots meets success in two months of launch

Social casino studio Plumbee’s Mirrorball Slots has reached 500,000 downloads of the iOS version its game two months after launch.

The company said the iPhone and iPad have proved very successful and it was planning to grow its audience further on those platforms and will look to launch Android version of its flagship game as quickly as possible.

Samer Ragheb, Plumbee marketing director, said: “We are delighted with the results of our marketing efforts. 20% of all our active users are now using the mobile version of the game. These are really great numbers, especially in this highly competitive category. ”

Chief operating officer and head of product Gerald Tan added: “All tracked KPIs are performing above our expectations. On retention, the numbers are simply amazing, more than 50% higher than our numbers on web. Our focus on key aspects like stability and loading time has clearly paid off.”

Mirrorball Slots boasts over 1.5M monthly active users and 350,000 daily active users across Facebook and iOS.