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Milestone of two million app downloads surpassed at AbZorba

ABZORBAMulti-player mobile social casino games developer AbZorba Games has surpassed the milestone of two million app downloads for its free-to-play casino games – just nine months after reaching the one million landmark.

AbZorba's Hub of Fun Casino features a range of downloadable titles, including the company's flagship casino app Live Blackjack21.

The firm’s other offerings include titles such as Live Poker, Live Roulette and Hot-2-Slot.

Andrew Hughes, chief executive officer and co-founder of AbZorba Games, said: “Reaching so many installs organically is by no means easy but we have done it by providing terrifically entertaining multi-player games that are fun, fast and robust – exactly what today's gamers demand.”

Hughes added that co-branded partnerships will form an “integral part” of AbZorba’s growth following the success of a recent venture.

Blackjack Live For Tango, the product of AbZorba’s first branded partnership, reached top spot in the US App Store within weeks of its release. Live Roulette for Tango also managed a top-10 position last week.