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MaxMedia and The APP Company launch Lemon Joe

Independent mobile and social games developer MaxMedia Games has joined forces with US-based publisher The APP Company to launch a new mobile gaming title in the form of Lemon Joe.

The adventure-themed game, which is available on Apple’s iOS platform, is based around a galaxy of seven unique planets.

Players are challenged to battle their way through 90 levels, enduring a range of monsters along the way.

Each level tests a player’s ability to utilise various defence mechanisms, earning credits to purchase power ups and space suits to use in a collection of classic, maze-styled levels.

“Providing a unique gaming adventure enriched with a plethora of in-game obstacles and upgrades, Lemon Joe looks to obtain a large mobile gaming presence and earn a spot in the top mobile games for iOS,” The APP Company partner Jason Moskowitz said.

“This game is fresh, fun, addicting and designed with today's gamer in mind.”

Maxim Fedorov, MaxMedia’s chief executive officer, added: “Lemon Joe started with a simple concept and has grown to a really amazing game.

“We wanted it to be fun and appealing to a large audience of gamers around the world. We have tried to polish every detail of the game and it took a lot of time, but it was worth it.”