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LVS Limited herald the launch of ABP In A Box

Specialist sportsbetting and gaming software solutions developer LVS Limited has announced the launch of its new all-in-one Advanced Betting Platform (ABP) In A Box pay-as-you-grow turnkey solution.

London-based LVS is a subsidiary of French operator Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) and stated that ABP In A Box is a sportsbook offer targeted at those wanting to start an online sportsbetting operation at minimal cost.

“Industry leaders have adopted ABP because it’s a modern, robust, highly automated and multi-channel sportsbook,” said Pascal Blyau, Managing Director for LVS.

“During the past year, we have received numerous requests from small and medium-sized companies for our technology and they wanted a turnkey solution with minimal upfront investment.

“ABP In A Box is the entry point for the LVS’s new pay-as-you-grow rental scheme. With this new policy, LVS is proud to offer a far superior and more scalable product than traditionally available at this price in the market.”

LVS declared that the ABP In A Box comes complete with all of the hardware and middleware needed to start an online sportsbetting operation including Oracle. ABP IN A Box is also pre-loaded with the ABP software suite encompassing the ‘ABP sportsbook back-end, Apollo front-end web framework and retail front-end solution TMS’.

“This is a mobile system that can be installed anywhere [and] delivered in a case with [a] handle and wheels,” said Simon Ordish, Chief Executive Officer for LVS.

LVS revealed that some of the more complex features within ABP In A Box have been pre-configured in order to ensure ease of management with minimal care utilising data feeds and built-in automated controls.

“Crucially, the operator is still very much in charge of their sportsbook,” said Andy Chalker, ABP Product Owner. “This is a technically managed service where the operator is still a true bookmaker in charge of their own destiny.”