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Lotsys and Morpho launch the Elite terminal

Française des Jeux (FDJ) Group subisidiary Lotsys and technology supplier Morpho (Safran) have used today's European Lotteries Congress in Tel Aviv to unveil their new retail 'Elite' gaming terminal.

The new terminal uses imaging technology developed jointly by the companies including a 'highly-durable camera' that replaces the mechanical parts of older terminals. The pair hope that the new technology will 'reduce the overall cost of ownership' as well as slash acquisition and maintenance costs.

“Lotsys is driving innovation in imaging technology and scratch ticket recognition,” said Lotsys CEO Laurent Chesnais. “Our latest success confirms our position as a leader in state-of-the-art lottery solutions that combine top-notch technology and security.”

Lotsys said that the 'Elite' imaging technology allows lotteries 'to move beyond traditional rectangular, paper bet slips' to offer 'new shapes, colours and designs'. The process for retailers has been simplified too, with the new terminal's optical scanner reading and validating bet slips 'at a glance'.

“The ELITE terminal demonstrates Morpho’s expertise in gaming terminals and imaging technology,” said Jean-Paul Jainsky, Chairman and CEO of Morpho. “Alongside our partner Lotsys, we are dedicated to providing new technologies that boost the creativity and performance of lotteries worldwide.”

“FDJ has the largest gaming network in France, with 26.3 million players in over 34,300 retail outlets at the end of 2012,” added Gilles Maillet, Sales Director at FDJ. “The terminal is the link between players, retailers and FDJ. After successful testing on scratch and draw games in 1,300 outlets, FDJ has decided to roll out the ELITE terminal in more than 25,000 outlets over the next two years.”