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LONASE launch a new game with SENEJEUX

The Senegal National Lottery (LONASE) has utilised its partnership with gaming technologies provider SENEJEUX to launch a new fixed-odds, 3D virtual horseracing game in app pari-mutuel urban (PMU) betting outlets in the African country.

The new high-frequency, random number generated virtual horseracing system offers races every five minutes and is capable of operating 24 hours a day.

The launch comes shortly after LONASE signed a five-year deal with SENEJEUX to supply and operate virtual games such as horseracing, greyhound racing and football, covering channels including retail, online and mobile.

In November, SENEJEUX and LONASE jointly formed integrated teams of marketing and technical specialists to execute a deployment plan for virtual horseracing in all 35 betting shops across Senegal, with installations being completed within six weeks.

Under the plans, shops were fitted with new 43-inch plasma television screens, as well as touch screen electronic point-of-sale terminals equipped with printers and bar code scanners behind the counter in order to cater for the now-launched virtual horse racing system.

“During installations across the entire LONASE estate, the reactions from the shop customers have been amazing and very positive with customers wanting to place bets immediately even though we were a couple of weeks away from starting live operations,” SENEJEUX’s director of operations Balla Gadiaga said.

“We feel that virtual horseracing is the perfect complimentary game to go along with the existing live horse PMU activities operated by LONASE, and now that we are live it is evident that additional revenues are being increased especially during hours when live horse racing from France is not available.”