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MPN launches a new system of rewarding players

mpn microgamingMPN, the online poker network of internet gaming software provider Microgaming, has announced the introduction of the Achievements rewards system for players.

The Achievements programme rewards players for completing challenges within a game and allows them to track and share their online poker accomplishments with others.

MPN, formerly known as the Microgaming Poker Network, said the new system has challenges for all types of players, including serious and recreational.

“Poker isn’t just about winning money, it’s also about challenging yourself and your friends and having fun doing it,” Microgaming’s head of network games, Lydia Melton, said. “Our new Achievements feature is about enhancing this aspect of poker.”

The Achievement system is the latest in a line of development MPN has released in its software this year.

Other improvements include a new ‘Bad Beat’ jackpot, a unique ‘Blazing Cannon’ feature and a new downloadable Mac OS client.