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Beta launch of a new tool at Playnomics

Predictive marketing and gaming data science provider Playnomics has confirmed the open beta launch of its Acqusition Value Predictor tool that can be used by marketers to identify channels offering the greatest return and shortest payback.

The firm said that marketers can use the tool to reallocate advertising spend to the top-performing channels and campaigns in real time to maximise the return on investment.

The tool utilises Playnomics’ advanced machine learning stack that collects, analyses and scores user behaviours.

In the results of a closed beta test, Playnomics said that the 5% of users predicted to be most valuable by the AVP accounted for more than 75% of revenue in the first 45 days.

“Accurately forecasting mobile, in-app user behaviour is the most valuable insight a marketer can have at their disposal,” Playnomics’ chief executive officer, Chethan Ramachandran, said. “It’s a huge leap forward in optimising campaign spend and attribution for user acquisition managers.”

In addition, Playnomics said that by pairing the AVP with its PlayRM suite of predictive segmentation and targeted messaging tools would allow marketers to further maximise LTV with personalised user experiences.