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King stops 5 of its game titles

Mobile games creator King is to discontinue five of its earlier titles in order to focus on its more popular games such as Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga.

According to the website, King will drop Miner Speed, Bubble Saga, Hoop de Loop Saga, King Gold Games and Puzzle Saga by September 10. The company said that the move would not only allow it to concentrate resources on developing and marketing its more popular titles, but would also help to prioritise upcoming games.

King has opted to shut down online games in the past, but with the closure of these five titles, the firm is dropping some of the initial games it introduced to Facebook.

However, the mobile games creator is currently in a strong position on the social network, with its Candy Crush saga having posted a record 20.7 million daily active users on Facebook in July – significantly more than the combined figure of under 50,000 the five older titles generated.

King has confirmed it plans to launch new games within the Saga series on Facebook before the end of the year.