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King plans to introduce its game into the television market

king mobile gamesMobile games developer King, creator of the hugely successful Candy Crush Saga mobile game, has confirmed its interest in introducing its games to the internet-connected television market.

Kalvin Ou, the firm’s mobile chief, told the Digital Spy website that King’s social titles would be better suited to television hardware than consoles.

“The consoles are not really part of our plans yet, and my personal opinion is that our games would work better on connected televisions, because that is more our core audience,” he said.

However, Manel Sort, head of King’s Barcelona development studio, said that King has no immediate plans to launch titles on the new platforms.

“When we look at these things, it has to be all about what the users want, whether they want our games on their consoles or televisions,” Sort said. “They will let us know, and that's when we will start putting a lot of focus on that.”