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Jerry Markling is to retire

Jerry Markling, head of the state gaming unit that investigates criminal regulation violations in casinos throughout the US state of Nevada, is to retire, according to the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

Markling has headed up the enforcement division of the state’s Gaming Control Board for the past eight years and has been employed by the board for 20 years.

The division gathers intelligence on organised criminal groups that are involved in gambling activities and picks potential candidates for its ‘Black Book’ – a list of individuals banned from casinos.

It also settles disputes between players and casinos, conducts background checks on people applying for work cards and inspects and approves any new games or surveillance systems in the state.

AG Burnett, the Gaming Control Board’s chairman, said he relied on Markling’s ‘opinion and advice regarding complicated and gaming regulatory matters’.

Markling’s successor has not been revealed yet.