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Introduction of two new bills to legalise internet gaming in California

poker fuseCalifornia has taken a step closer to legalising internet gaming after two new bills seeking to regulate online poker in the US state were introduced, according to the website.

Bill AB 2291, which has been introduced as an urgency bill, has been authored by Assembly member Reginald Jones-Sawyer and calls for the prohibition of internet gambling outside online poker.

The bill also includes clauses for civil penalties to be handed out to these that engage in illegal online gaming activities, with the proceeds from such punishments going to an Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Fund. The bill also calls for the state to opt out of any federal online gambling law.

Regulations for online poker would need to be implemented within 270 days of the operate date of the bill.

As the new bill is an urgency bill, a two-to-three majority is required to pass both houses. If passed, it would take effect immediately.

In addition, Bill SB 1366, which has also been introduced in the state senate as an urgency bill, is authored by state Senator Lou Correa. It also pushes for the prohibition of online gambling outside of poker.

The Correa bill calls for the regulations to be adopted within just 120 days of the effective date of the bill.

Correa has been pushing for the regulation of online poker in California for a number of years, with his most recent failed attempt coming in February 2013.

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