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Increase of problem gambling among young age group according to GamCare

UK gambling support group GamCare has recorded a 6.5% increase in people aged 18-35 seeking help for problem gambling.

GamCare reported that a total of 5,552 people aged 18-35 contacted the support group during the last 12 months, up from 5,215 in the previous year.

The 18-35 age group also accounted for more than half of the total 8,813 calls GameCare received over the past 12 months.

The Metro newspaper reported that one helpline adviser said many gamblers kept their problems a secret and the latest figures provided just a “snapshot” of underlying issues.

The report added that many young problems gamblers have cited mobile apps as a cause of their problems.

However, industry representatives have said there is no evidence to suggest apps have significantly contributed to a rise in gambling problems.

“The extensive protection tools that apply to online gambling are sufficient to help most customers manage their gambling,” director of the Remote Gambling Association, Brian Wright, said.