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Illegal betting syndicates frightens Australian sports

illegal betAndreas Krannich, the managing director of strategy and integrity at sports and betting-related data company Sportradar, has claimed that illegal betting syndicates pose a “high risk” to Australian sports.

Krannich told Australia’s ABC News channel that Asian syndicates were unlikely to be put off from targeting the country despite high-profile investigations into alleged match-fixing in Victorian football in Australia – probes that were sparked by Sportradar’s monitoring reports.

“It's an emerging market, in a negative way,” he said. “They see that most sports are very vulnerable, they are clueless about how to handle it, they are clueless about sportsbetting.”

Football Federation Australia, the sport’s governing body in the country, said that Victoria Police had referred match-fixing allegations related to the Albany Creek Excelsior Football Club to Queensland Police.

On Sunday, six men were charged after a police investigation into the Melbourne-based Southern Stars club.

However, Sportradar founder and chief executive officer Carsten Koel said that such investigations rarely lead to convictions.

“It needs international coordination,” he said. “It needs a framework, it needs laws which are synchronised on the international level to tackle this efficiently.”

Koel added: Australia reacted very, very fast on reports which we sent. It was close cooperation and obviously that is the way that proves to be very efficient."