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The UK government halves bingo duty

bingo ukNick Harding, chief executive officer of Praesepe, owner of the Beacon Bingo brand, has praised the UK government to cut the rate of duty on bingo in the country to 10%.

As reported by iGaming Business, UK chancellor George Osborne unveiled plans to halve bingo duty in his Budget 2014 announcement.

Praesepe, whose Beacon Bingo chain includes Europe’s largest bingo club in Cricklewood, London, will now benefit from the reduced rate.

“At last we have a government which has had the vision to support the UK Bingo industry and who recognises how important it has been to generations of players for over fifty years,” Harding said.

“Reducing the unfair tax burden which the previous government had imposed on UK Bingo plc means that clubs all over the country will now be able to start to reinvest and provide their players with the modern facilities that they deserve.

“Bingo provides a source of gaming entertainment for millions of citizens of all ages throughout the country. The decision to reduce the duty by 50% represents a ringing endorsement of the sector and a victory for common sense.”

Larry Kehoe, operations director responsible for the development of the Beacon Bingo brand, added: “The decision will allow us to implement more of the initiatives we have been working on to improve further the bingo experience for our customers and to continue to deliver fantastic value for money entertainment in a safe, secure and socially responsible environment.”