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GoPrezzo creates crowdfunding site

Northern Ireland start-up mobile tournament platform GoPrezzo has opened up a crowdfunding website to encourage further investment in the company.

According to the Belfast Telegraph newspaper, up to 5,000 shares will be floated on until the end of September.

Users can set up a free account, log on to view the GoPrezzo pitch and then buy into the business. Crowdfunders will be able to claim 10 shares for a minimum commitment of £100 ($144/€115).

GoPrezzo, which already has offices in US cities New York and San Francisco, offers technological solutions that allow mobile gamers to translate points into real-world prizes, reward and discounts with a range of brands.

Aaron Taylor, co-founder and chief executive, said: “Investment isn’t just the preserve of the wealthy. Any knowledgeable individual can now back exciting early-stage companies. Yes, there are risks but similarly there are high rewards and generous tax incentives involved.”

Taylor said that he is also planning a major funding round in the US next year.