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Google launches new tools for gaming app developers

google playGoogle has unveiled a number of new development tools for game app developers to help them add new features to their games.

According to a post on the Android Developers Blog, the launch includes the open source release of LiquidFun – a C++ 2D rigid-body physics library that will give developers the ability to add realistic physics actions to games.

Written in C++, the LiquidFun library can be used with any platform with a C++ compiler and can be downloaded from the LiquidFun project page on GitHub.

“In this mobile world, games aren't just for the hardcore MMOG fan anymore, they're for everyone; in fact, three out of four people with an Android phone or tablet play games,” the blog post said.

“Based on Box2D, LiquidFun features particle-based fluid simulation. Game developers can use it for new game mechanics and add realistic physics to game play.

“Designers can use the library to create beautiful fluid interactive experiences.

“Today, we're adding more tools to your gaming toolbox, like the open sourcing of a 2D physics library, as well as new features to the Google Play game services offering, like a plug-in for Unity.”

Elsewhere, the post added that Google has made it easier for developers using the Unity cross-platform game engine from Unit Technologies to integrate game services using a new Google Play Games plug-in for the platform.

“This initial version of the plug-in supports sign-in, achievements, leaderboards and cloud save on Android and iOS,” the post said.

“You can download the plug-in from the Play Games project page on GitHub, along with documentation and sample code.”

Google is also set to make chances to its Google Play Store in February 2014 in order to make it easier for developers to categorise and market apps.

The Google Play Store will introduce a number of new games categories including ‘Simulation’, ‘Role Playing’ and ‘Educational’ to help customers find games and assist developers match their titles to customers seeking them. >>  follow this link

The new categories will not change setting for existing games on Google Play until they go live next year.

“Developers can now use the Google Play Developer Console to choose a new category for their apps if the Application Type is 'Games’, the post said.

“The New Category field in the Store Listing will set the future category for your game."