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Real Gaming launches

REAL gaming pokerLas Vegas-based Real Gaming, formerly known as South Point Poker, has launched, a new real-money online poker website in the US state of Nevada.

Real Gaming is the first entrant into the mobile gaming landscape in Nevada, offering players within the state the chance to compete on smartphones, tablets or other online platforms. Players from around the US can also join Real Gaming in advance of their trip to Nevada and deposit their money through the service.

“The true differentiator of Real Gaming is that players can access the site on any device, anywhere and anytime,” said Lawrence Vaughan, who led the development of the website.

“We felt that this was the top priority to bring to online poker playing. We are 100% focused on player experience and accessibility.

“We took our time to carefully develop a new online poker playing experience that is user-friendly in terms of its functionality, and most importantly, it is entirely safe and accessible.

“Unlike other online poker sites, we created Real Gaming by developing software from scratch, exclusive to us and our players. We are utilising the newest technologies available in order to set the foundation for future development and continued innovation.”