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WMS Gaming is allowed to offer multi-game video poker in the US

Gaming entertainment products supplier WMS Gaming, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WMS Industries, has been assigned a patent in the US for a ‘multi-game video poker machine and system with asymmetrically accessible customisation features’.

The patent application was first filed in November 2, 2011 and was assigned on December 24, 2013 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent was awarded to WMS Gaming staff and machine’s inventors, game designer, Dion Aoki, vice-president and design chief, Allon Englman, and senior director of games, Joel Jaffe.

The agency also released a notice that outlined the details of the patent.

“A gaming system with asymmetric customization capabilities and a method of enabling asymmetric customization of a wagering game,” the notice said.

“A plurality of selectable game-play features is provided for utilization during the wagering game. Players accessing the game-play features are unequally limited as to which features are available for modification, depending on means of access.

“All features, however, are available for game-play, regardless of means of access.”

WMS Industries is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scientific Gaming after the gaming solutions provider acquired it last year, as reported by iGaming Business.