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Galaxy Gaming is free from all charges

Casino and gaming products manufacturer Galaxy Gaming has entered into a settlement agreement with the Washington State Gambling Commission in the US, which has withdrawn administrative charges against the company.

Galaxy said that it had been cleared of “any and all alleged wrongdoing” by the watchdog, which initiated the action following a routine audit in 2010. Without elaborating, Galaxy said that the regulator’s allegations centred on claims that the company had failed to report certain items in a timely manner.

Under the terms of the settlement, Galaxy agreed to reimburse the commission of all administrative costs and fees associated with the audit and investigation. “We are extremely pleased the commission's staff took the time to thoroughly examine all of the issues regarding our timely reporting obligations to the commission,” Galaxy’s chief executive officer Robert Saucier said. “They were both careful and fair throughout this process.”

Saucier added that Galaxy director David Trujillo is a strong proponent of the regulator's strategic plan, which aims to “support goals on improving processes and conducting business as simply as possible” and maintain “strategies that support voluntary regulatory compliance, strengthening relationships”.

Saucier added: “We support these objectives by the commission. Working together, we established an enhanced methodology to ensure precise reporting and achieve efficient and effective regulation.”