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FDJ strengthen online branding with Facebook partnership

fdjFrançaise des Jeux has agreed a promotional campaign with Facebook France that will see FDJ increase its digital presence through campaigns linked to major dates such as Valentine’s Day this week or major sporting events like the football Wold Cup in June.

The aim of the partnership is for FDJ to strengthen its online branding and sales as it aims to hit the €1bn mark in online sales by 2018 from €410m in 2013. A spokesperson for FDJ said it would look to recruit new customers rather than increase spending from existing ones. 

The Facebook partnership will only feature FDJ’s core lottery products and new product launches and follows in the footsteps of FDJ’s launch of its Euromillion-related product ‘My Million’ at the start of February.

The group said the campaign “had reached 13,4 million French people in less than 24 hours” and it “wanted to strengthen its collaboration with the leading social network in France. These promising results have shown Facebook’s potential to reach existing and potential customers thanks to its exceptional coverage and highly accurate targeting”.

The campaign will focus on major jackpots and events, encourage interaction with customers and celebrate winners. FDJ will look to leverage Facebook’s 26 million monthly active users and 11 million daily mobile users in France.

Patrick Buffard, deputy chief executive of FDJ, said the agreement showed FDJ wanted to evolve alongside its users’ habits. “We want to communicate with the French public wherever they happen to be and are logged on. We know Fracebook has the ability and tools to reach the biggest number of people possible in an efficient manner,” said Buffard.