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Tsogo Sun expands its complex in Durban

South African gaming and leisure group Tsogo Sun has unveiled plans for a R1.5bn (£146.7m/€111.2m) expansion of its Suncoast Casino and Entertainment complex in Durban.

According to the IOL news website, the proposal includes a major expansion of the casino, a new retail and restaurant complex, 1,500 additional parking places, a new entertainment area, additional banquet facilities and an elevated outdoor pool.

The plans were presented to the KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Board as part of Tsogo Sun’s application to amend its license and expand the facility. Earlier expansion plans, which included blocks of flats, were rejected by the city’s previous leadership.

Tsogo Sun chief executive officer Marcel von Aulock said that a legal dispute with the city administration over plans to redevelop one of the complex’s restaurants into a gaming area would not affect the new proposal.

“We are still proceeding with the larger redevelopment application regardless of the outcome of this dispute,” he said, adding that he expected approval to be granted for the major redevelopment by the end of the year.