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European Wagering Services Limited becomes Limited

Online casino and sportsbetting provider Webis Holdings has announced that its European Wagering Services Limited tote betting and Californian racing management division has been rebranded as Limited.

Isle of Man-based Webis Holdings is also the operator of the and domains and signed a deal with American thoroughbred horseracing and casino operator Churchill Downs Incorporated earlier this month that saw wagering and video streams on all racing content taking place at the world-famous Louisville venue brought to its service.

“The board of Webis Holdings, the group specialising in the provision of sportsbetting, pool wagering and Californian harness racing, announces that European Wagering Services Limited, the tote betting and Californian racing management division, will now be named Limited,” read a brief statement from Webis Holdings.

“This change reflects its position as a multi-national provider of tote betting services and to simplify its branding across all channels.”