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MDI Entertainment launches a new title

American lottery promotions firm MDI Entertainment has announced the launch of the industry’s first instant-win game featuring second-chance opportunities that offer players the chance to pocket monthly multi-state progressive jackpots worth up to $1m.

A subsidiary of lottery giant Scientific Games Corporation, MDI Entertainment revealed that the new Monopoly Jackpot title has been created in HTML5 enabling players to enjoy it using desktop, tablet and mobile devices while participants can also post their results on social media outlets.

Featuring Monopoly branding throughout, Monopoly Jackpot has also been designed to give holders of non-winning scratchcards the chance to play an Internet-based second-chance collect-and-win game that will offer rolling jackpots awarded via monthly draws.

“The wide accessibility of the game, combined with the engaging [and] collection-based play style, the Monopoly name, attractive prizes and the track record of Monopoly as both a lottery game and a collect-and-win sweepstakes game are anticipated to make Monopoly Jackpot a very compelling offer for lottery players,” read a statement from MDI Entertainment.

MDI Entertainment stated that the second-chance interactive game will see non-winning instant tickets entered onto lottery micro-sites it has built for the chance to collect ‘property cards’. Competitors will subsequently be awarded with one wheel spin when they have completed a ‘property group’ for the chance to bag merchandise, one of ten instant cash prizes ranging from $25 to $2,500 or the monthly progressive jackpot.

“While MDI Entertainment has created many very successful instant games bearing the Monopoly brand before, this one is truly the first of its kind,” said Steve Saferin, properties group president and CCO for Scientific Games.

“To our knowledge, no other instant lottery ticket has ever offered a second-chance game that encourages player participation with a collection play style and a multi-state progressive jackpot. Plus, this game offers true rolling jackpots and multiplier opportunities. And because it’s linked, all participating jurisdictions, no matter what their size, will be able to offer their players a chance at a monthly jackpot that could top $1m. It’s an exciting game and, with the HTML5 technology and the social media interface, we think it has tremendous potential for lotteries to reach new players.”