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OBJ Enterprises targets partnership with advertising firms

Technology developer OBJ Enterprises has confirmed it is looking to identify an advertising partner that will help to monetise its new mobile gaming applications.

OBJ Enterprises said that it was looking for a partner capable of managing multiple advertising networks and cross-promoting its gaming apps via pay-per-click, in-app and special event advertising.

“We've got the creative concepts in place, and now it's time to fully monetize these gaming apps,” OBJ Enterprises chief executive officer Paul Watson said.

“We've targeted a couple of successful mobile advertising firms and presented them with proposals, and we expect to sign a partnering agreement within a very short timeframe.”

Phantasmic, which has been co-created with Novalon Games, has been released on the Google Play platform, while Bluff Wars 2.0 was submitted to the Apple App Store last week.

The company’s gaming division, Obscene Interactive, is expecting to deliver a range of gaming products alongside companies such as Glu Mobile and Electronic Arts. The company also said that it is looking to make “an acquisition or series of acquisitions of emerging game development companies”.